blackleg-cook-sanji-deactivated sent: "I'll murder you..." Sanji said, vein popping in his forehead as he glared at the swordsman. "I'm not even cooking right now, baka!"


"And here I was trying to be nice and helping you out. Looks like someone needs to drop by the bathroom more often."


As seems to be a common thing between the two, Luffy was playing rough and Zoro was the poor fellow that had to take the blow. Fortunately, the swordsman could actually take a hit like that without making a drama play out of it, so it wasn’t all too bad. Maybe that was why the captain chose the green-haired male for his antics so very often? Although it was doubtful that he’d ever so much as waste a single second on considerations. That just wasn’t the way he worked.

While Luffy himself didn’t feel particulary much when his head hit Zoro’s chin, he definitely felt how he was thrown forward and straight over his first mate, ultimately landing against the wall. He kind of bounced off like a bouncy ball, but it left him in a rather undignified pose, what with his face on the ground and his backside in the air. He didn’t stay long in that position, however, when he caught wind of Zoro’s yelling and innocently blinked up at him.


“What’s the matter? The robe’s off, you should be happy!” The stupid grin that spread across his face probably didn’t help the situation, but Luffy was blissfully unaware of that. The young pirate patted the ground, as if to soothe the ship that had to suffer through all of their little fights and accidents. “The Sunny’s gonna be alright. I mean, we’ve got Franky with us. He can definitely always fix her!” A confident nod followed as Luffy pulled himself up, patting his pants as he did so. The captain glanced towards the still robe on the farside of the room, the original culprit.

“We didn’t even tear it… that’s awesome!” Walking over, he picked it up without a care in the world and held it up in front of him like some sort of grand prize. “Good as new! See, Zoro? You don’t need to be so grumpy about it!”

He contests the childish smile with a visibly unamused indignant scowl of his own, brushing off the pieces of wood — crap, and he’d already received a rather uninformative, burdensome preaching from their shipwright over how he should remember not to drop his weights on the floor because apparently, that did nothing to assist the ships infrastructure — that clings to his clothes. As he moves, more debris scatters around him, and he already feels a headache coming on from yet another stern talking to.

At least this time, it isn’t entirely his fault.

☠ “Don’t give me that. I told you I could handle it!”

He snaps, but almost immediately yields his point as he groans in surrender. There is honestly no real point in continuing this conversation, and he might as well preserve energy for whatever damned talk he was undoubtedly receiving.

Speaking of the robe, metallic gray optics divert themselves to the article of clothing, walking towards the other as he pulls it from the younger’s grasp. The frown smooths just a little; it really does seem to be unharmed. He still won’t concede that there were a shit ton of other ways this could have been handled, but whatever.

☠ “Yeah, yeah.”

He tosses it on the seat, turning his attention back to his company.

☠ “So? What’d you come up here for?”

Meat in Unexpected Places



“It must be a mystery door!”


"Well, whatever. Either spit ‘em out or just tell me where they are."

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sanjiko-suits-and-cigarettes said: (( awww… D: time difference sucks! but.. sure! just let me know when you’re on! and ready to get that zoro ass some tits. ))

[[ I knoow. And sure thing! I’ll just see about this week; it’s nearing finals so I’m kinda all over the place. @_@

And also, gotta go now, so…! Hello, hello and thanks for the welcome backs. They’ve made my night thus far. Even if they’re mostly from the shitty cook. I love you guys okay and I’ll see y’all whenever I can! ]]


“You act like it’s so fucking hard to heat up some left overs. Admitted if you tried to accomplish the task they would taste like ash and not the perfection I heat them to.


Is that a challenge, Marimo?

"At least I can cook better than you can think, curly-brow. Toss you back to Fish Island and you’re just a blubbering mess of shit."

Well, you can try. But I won’t guarantee it’ll be any challenge for me.

blackleg-cook-sanji-deactivated sent: "Oi, oi. Marimo. Something smells. Have you bathed at all this week?"


"That’s probably the smell of your food burning. Don’t worry; I won’t tell anyone about your failure."

sanjiko-suits-and-cigarettes said: (( hahahaa… Omg..! YES! Would you like to do that? Like with Sanjiko? ))

[[ Haha omfg awesome! Sure, but can we do it tomorrow or whenever I’m free? I’m actually about to sleep since I have school tomorrow. @_@ ]]

sanjiko-suits-and-cigarettes said: (( omg. yes. a Sanji ogry… sounds tempting! ))

Tbh, I dunno why, but when you said that, I just wanted to do an RP where Sanji and Zoro are the ones who switch bodies like omfg they’d both be complete sissies about it.


“I won’t heat it up.”


“Besides, even my fucking leftovers would be considered a five star dinner, you ungrateful shit head. Say anymore crap about Nami-san and I’ll be serving that lettuce you call hair for a salad tomorrow.

"See, the more you’re just yammering away, the longer it’s gonna take. But hey, it’s not my perfect record that gets ruined. Typical, shitty cook.

Yeah, try it. You’re dreaming if you think you’re going to get even close.